Leading the Pack

Compuflex Corporation is the only independent, global cash automation solution provider.  We support just about every type of cash automation device.  With a host of strategic hardware and software partners by our side, let our team of technical experts work with you to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and technologies to move you ahead of the pack.

Why Automate?

Implementing a Compuflex solution isn’t just about automating cash handling, it’s about:

  • Maximizing efficiency and supporting how individuals utilize their cash handling solutions,
  • Optimizing overall operations and cash movement, and
  • Integrating solutions into day-to-day activities to better utilize resources and enhance overall customer experience.


Look to the Future

Cash automation supports a number of long-term benefits; enhanced transaction speed, increased on-site security, better access to cash, and reduced costs.  The Compuflex Corporation’s cash handling solutions can help your organization evolve and grow to better service your customers.