Every industry has unique challenges when it comes to cash automation management.  The challenges don’t stop there as each business within an industry has its own unique needs in order to maintain and expand their customer base.

The Market

In today’s changing landscape, financial institutions are confronted with increased costs as a result of regulatory changes, interest rate margins, etc.  The ongoing challenge is how to maintain profitability.  


Most businesses, including Financial Institutions, struggle to find ways to become more efficient and handle manual processes in a better and in a more streamlined manner.  One of the most labor intensive tasks at a financial institution is the process of handling cash.

The core challenges are:


Through the use of cash automation devices, financial institutions can:

Compuflex Can Help

Compuflex has an array of solutions that support almost every recycler or dispenser on the market today.  Our proven solutions can be used in conjunction with existing teller applications, on their own, or integrated within a teller application using our proprietary UCM solution.

Financial Solutions