CashView Web 

CashView Web is a powerful web-based cash device management tool. It acts as a monitoring service allowing users to view real-time statuses on all cash handling equipment. CashView Web provides senior management with a holistic view of their cash inventory position and overall cash device and user activity

Features at a Glance

Reporting Capabilities

Using a variety of filters, an enterprise can take various cash usage snapshots for a local branch / store, region or entire enterprise

Device Inventory

Receive real-time status of inventory levels for all cash devices, informing users when a cash device needs to be replenished or inventory needs to be removed

User Activity

Gain insight into how users are interacting with the cash devices at the various branches / stores to better control staffing and training needs

Chart View

Organizes large quantities of data in a simplified format. At a glance, a business can view various cash positions related to specified date ranges. For example, which denomination was the most frequently dispensed during the day, week, month, etc

Device Health

Drill down into specific cash devices to see how well they are performing, how many errors are occurring on a device, or how many transactions were performed in a given period of time


Provides custom reports, charts, and filters to get access to the information that matters to you most

How Does It Work?

CashView Web receives transaction data from any existing Compuflex product, providing a more robust way for branches / stores, regions, and enterprise users to manage their cash devices and adjust strategies accordingly.

With the latest release being browser-based, CashView Web can now run anywhere and on any type of device or platform.

Additional Benefits

Anticipate issues in advance, so minor issues don't become major ones.  With CashView Web, your managers and supervisors can focus on essential tasks and be better prepared for dealing with ancillary inventory tasks, so they don't happen at the worst possible time

Ad-hoc and custom reports can be created and exported to a variety of formats, so users can merge reports with other metrics and gain the most value from the data collected
CashView Web supports Active Directory authentication as well as a custom user database, allowing even more flexibility and control to how you access the data most important to you

Supported Devices

*Compuflex does not sell, promote, or provide technical support for these devices.