BranchWare provides a quick and affordable way to connect a cash recycler to your existing teller application by automatically extracting pertinent information from withdrawal screens and inserting information into deposit screens using ultramodern robotic process automation (RPA)


Features at a Glance

Ease of Use

Seamlessly captures dispense amounts or inserts deposit amounts using a highly flexible and intuitive interface, eliminating the mundane and error-prone task of rentering information. NO DUAL ENTRY REQUIRED


Supports your current and future needs and is designed to work with any teller package. If your core application changes, you can still use BranchWare to drive your cash recyclers with minimal configuration changes, which WILL NOT affect the overall user experience


Provides all balancing operations, including loading and depleting currency, auditing, individual teller total clearing and branch teller total clearing

Robotic Process Automation

Offers a unique screen management engine that utilizes robotic process automation (RPA) to provide users with an integrated feel by allowing transactions to be accomplished with the touch of a button

Enhanced Security

Extends security beyond the built-in cash device features to maximize the protection of your cash. And since each financial institution requires varying degrees of security, these features, like hold-up mixes and system lockouts, are easily configurable

User-Friendly Interface

BranchWare offers a clean, user-friendly interface with the most common features available on the main “transactions” window

How Does It Work?

BranchWare acts as the liaison between the teller application and the cash device, giving the feel of a direct integration, but without any costly and time-consuming development.  When a user initiates a transaction, BranchWare makes the corresponding communication to the cash device to complete the transaction without the need for rentering any cash values.

BranchWare can be up and running and connected to both the cash device and the teller application with minimal effort

Additional Benefits

BranchWare supports both Active Directory authentication as well as a custom user database, complete with individual and group privileges, strong password control, auto signoff, lockouts, operational hours and so much more

BranchWare can operate in full-screen mode--running on either a PC or tablet.  Full-screen mode is ideal for financial institutions needing access to their cash recycler without interrupting customer transactions for activities like vault buys and sells, inventory management, and end-of-day balancing

BranchWare maximizes all the features of each cash device supported, allowing users to gain the most efficiencies from their investment.  From start-of-day to end-of-day and everything in between, BranchWare has you covered

Supported Devices

*Compuflex does not sell, promote, or provide technical support for these devices.