Universal Cash Manager 

Universal Cash Manager (UCM) is the most advanced yet simple path to integrating cash dispensers and recyclers in the market today. UCM ensures that software houses do not have to expend valuable internal resources to keep up with the latest changes in firmware


Features at a Glance

Simplify Development

Helps developers accelerate the speed of integrating cash handling devices into the teller software by providing a standard set of functions. With UCM, the developer need only make higher-level function calls once, i.e. deposit or withdrawal requests, instead of having to tailor each function call to a specific cash handling device


Deploy at a small branch with only a single cash device or enterprise-wide with an unlimited diverse group of cash recyclers and dispensers. For even more flexibility, developers have the choice between using UCM’s pre-designed forms or designing forms to coincide with the “look & feel” of the existing application


Provides all balancing and inventory management operations, including loading and depleting currency, self-auditing (if cash device supports that feature) EOD device roll overs, and more

CashView Web Support

Allows users to monitor and maintain device cash totals and notes (branch or enterprise-wide) using CashView Web. No additional coding required

Languages Supported

UCM supports all the most common development languages including C#, VB.NET, VB6, and Java--and can be integrated using either API calls or WebSockets calls

Enhanced Security

Provides an additional layer of protection that extends beyond the built-in cash device security features to maximize the protection of your cash

How Does It Work?

UCM takes a “Write Once, Connect to Many” approach to simplifying the development efforts required to communicate to various cash devices. By integrating UCM’s WebSocket or API calls, developers are not required to understand each cash device’s specific protocol requirements. To further simplify the work effort, developers have the option to use UCM's custom forms which take the guesswork out of dealing with device error recovery

Additional Benefits

Compuflex provides all the tools necessary for a successful integration, from device simulators to example code.  When the time comes to test the various devices, we welcome a visit to our lab, where all the devices are available

UCM provides detailed reports and logs on all cash-related activities, which are useful for reconciliation issues or troubleshooting errors that may occur

UCM offers a standard set of function calls to support new and legacy equipment.  As new devices enter the market or device firmware is updated, you can be assured that support for those devices or features will be included

Supported Devices

*Compuflex does not sell, promote, or provide technical support for these devices.