Cash Core Connect 

Compuflex has been providing connectivity solutions to the retail, financial and gaming markets since 1983. Cash Core Connect (C3) is our brand new state-of-the--art soft integration solution which has been designed specifically for retail. It connects any Windows-based POS system to a variety of cash handling devices, including cash and coin recyclers, smart safes and count-by-weight cash drawers, without the need for any costly development work.

Ease of Use

C3 seamlessly captures transaction information and inserts change values into the POS system without the need for direct integration.


C3 supports current and future needs and is designed to work with any POS system running in Windows. If the core application changes it can still drive your cash devices with minimal configuration changes, which will not affect the overall user experience. 


C3 provides all balancing operations, including loading and depleting inventory, device shaping, individual cashier totals and detailed cash device reports.

Screen Management 

C3 offers a unique screen mapping engine that provides an integrated feel by activating cash devices using the existing POS interface. 

Enhanced Security

C3 extends security beyond the built-in cash device features to maximize the protection of your cash. And since each retail establishment requires varying degrees of security, these features, like PIN Code access and system lockouts, are easily configurable. 
inserts change values into the POS system.  

Every industry has unique challenges when it comes to cash automation management.  The challenges don’t stop there as each business within an industry has its own unique needs in order to maintain and expand their customer base.

The Market

According to studies, consumers use cash for half of all of their transactions valued at less than $50, and they continue to use cash more frequently than any other payment instrument, including debit or credit cards.


Counting and managing cash creates costs to retailers.  Sales drive profitability, so retailers want technology to help free their staff so that they can focus on selling and providing customer service.

The core costs to retailers stem from:


Through the use of cash automation devices, retailers can:

Compuflex Can Help

Customize a solution by integrating our UCM solution with your existing retail application interface or manage your cash automation device using one of our core solutions.  We can help you meet your goals.