Customer Service Cash

Customer Service Cash is a fast, affordable way to benefit by providing check cashing, bill payments, money orders, and money transfer solutions interfaced with secure and efficient cash recycler equipment


Features at a Glance

Alternative Financial Services

The FDIC estimates there are approximately 8.4 million US unbanked households and an additional 24.2 million underbanked households. Providing financial services to unbanked and underbanked customers drives customers to retail locations, and is an important source of revenue


Supports your current and future needs and is designed to either connect to POS at the front end or run as a stand-alone till management solution at the back-end


CS Cash balances each alternative financial service by service, cashier, shift, and day. Best of all, the same program can track and balance all cash in the store including start fund, and turn in using simple excel ad-hoc reports. Tedious hourly balance tasks are reduced to minutes.

Robotic Process Automation

Offers a unique screen mapping engine that utilizes robotic process automation (RPA) to provide users with an integrated feel by allowing transactions to be accomplished with the touch of a button

CashView Insight Support

Allows users to monitor and maintain device cash totals and notes (store or enterprise-wide) using CashView Insight. No additional coding required


Many stores miss out on the benefits of providing alternative financial services due to concerns about counterfeits, security, and balancing. Customer Service Cash replaces cash drawers with leading cash recycler equipment to accept or dispense cash for each consumer transaction. The cash recycler eliminates counterfeits and secures cash in a rated safe

How Does It Work?

CS Cash incorporates features from both BranchWare and CashView Insight, providing retailers with a complete automation solution to manage and report on all cash-related activities.

CS Cash can connect to various front-end applications, including Point-of-Sale, to process customer transactions, or run in a full-screen standalone mode to issue tills at the back end.

Additional Benefits

A quick and inexpensive solution to protect and balance cash for check cashing, bill payment, money order, and money transfer applications

Supports leading cash recycler solutions and uses existing check cashing, bill payment, money order, and money transfer applications

Full cash inventory management including cash loading, activity, unloading, deposits, transaction activity, and daily cash settlement

Supported Devices

*Compuflex does not sell, promote, or provide technical support for these devices.