WinACD Plus provides a quick and affordable way to connect cash dispensers to your existing payout system by automatically extracting pertinent information from withdrawal screens using ultramodern robotic process automation (RPA).


Features at a Glance

Ease of Use

Seamlessly captures dispense amounts using a highly flexible and intuitive screen management engine. NO DUAL ENTRY REQUIRED


Supports your current and future needs and is designed to work with any payout system package. If your core application changes, you can still use WinACD to drive your cash dispenser with minimal configuration changes, which WILL NOT affect the overall user experience


Provides balancing and reporting operations, including loading currency, individual user total clearing, and drop reports

Robotic Process Automation

Offers a unique screen management engine that utilizes robotic process automation (RPA) to provide users with an integrated feel by allowing transactions to be accomplished with the touch of a button

Enhanced Security

Extends security beyond the built-in cash device features to maximize the protection of your cash. And since each casino requires varying degrees of security, these features are easily configurable

Central Users

With WinCentral added, users can be managed at the enterprise-level.  Supervisors and managers can also perform remote overrides without needing to be at the user station that initiated the request

How Does It Work?

WinACD Plus is Compuflex's connectivity solution that allows you to connect to all popular cash dispensers from virtually any Windows-based payout platform. By pressing a pre-defined "hot-key", your cashiers can automatically transfer dispense information from their main application to WinACD's dispensing module. After the dispense is complete, focus is automatically returned to the payout application.

Additional Benefits

With WinACD Plus and WinCentral, cashiers and cash room staff can quickly and easily process transactions and reconcile cash to help better manage the cage area

Provides local and centralized electronic journals of all transaction activity handled by the dispenser

Supports vault transactions for users that are not directly connected to a dispenser.  This operation can be performed on the same station that is being used by a cashier with minimal interruption

Supported Devices

*Compuflex does not sell, promote, or provide technical support for these devices.