Every industry has unique challenges when it comes to cash automation management.  The challenges don’t stop there as each business within an industry has its own unique needs in order to maintain and expand their customer base.

The Market

The Gaming industry traditionally is a high-volume cash business.  In the United States alone, it represents a quarter-of-a-trillion-dollar industry.


The main challenges faces in the Gaming / Casino Industry is how to reduce costs and improve efficiency in cash processing.

The core challenges are:

  • Errors - when employees are responsible for counting cash, errors can seem impossible to avoid. These simple mistakes can lead to inaccurate deposits and a draw on additional resources to solve the errors,
  • Use of time - counting cash is labor intensive. Employees are spending valuable time counting cash when they should be focusing their time and energy on more important tasks like serving customers and generating sales, and
  • Security - prolonged exposure to cash is a security risk as manual cash counting leaves employees exposed to cash for long periods of time.


Through the use of cash automation devices gaming institutions / casinos can:

  • help cashiers and cash room staff to quickly administer reconciliation and deposits,
  • reduce potential money losses, and
  • improve cash flow when dealing with frequent or large volumes of cash, and count and sort cash, so that critical time is freed up to service customers.

Compuflex Can Help

Efficiently and effectively manage your cage area.  We have a number of solutions that support the use of recyclers and dispensers in the gaming / casino industry.  Need a customized solution, no problem.  Our products can seamlessly be integrated into existing applications maintaining the same “look and feel” and usability.