Compuflex Blog Becoming the Go-To Resource for Everything Cash Automation

Springfield, NJ - September 22, 2020 – The Compuflex Corporation launched their monthly blog about a year ago and has since become a go-to resource in the world of cash automation where finding information isn’t always easy. As a device agnostic financial software company, Compuflex has worked with just about every major player in the world of cash automation. UCM, Compuflex’s direct integration solution has been integrated into over 22 cores, and their middleware solution, BranchWare, has come to be known as an industry leading solution for banks, teller applications, grocery service desks, check cashing, bill pay applications and interfaces for cannabis at point of sale for consumer cash transactions.

Over the past 35 years Compuflex has created a large footprint in the financial industry and is now making waves in the retail banking and cannabis industry as well with products such as BranchWare for Retail. CashView Web is the latest addition to their family of products which is a robust device monitoring software that can be used in both the retail and financial environments.

The Compuflex Blog covers a variety of topics related to both retail and financial such as:
coin automation, the mainstreaming of cannabis, selecting a POS, the current state of cash and bank transformation. In addition to the articles themselves, the blog page periodically features video content as an added resource. In the ever-changing world of business, good information is critical. With so many years in the industry, the Compuflex team has acquired a wealth of information and it’s now being made accessible to all.


About Compuflex

The Compuflex Corporation is an independent, privately-owned, cash handling solutions provider, that has been successfully providing cash handling software since 1983. Its core business focus is on developing tools for financial, retail, and gaming markets both nationally and internationally. Compuflex continuously demonstrate its commitment to the cash handling industry through customized solution design, unparalleled customer support, in-house and on-site training programs, and solid warranties.

In other news...

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