Compuflex Announces BranchWare Support for LAUREL’s Z1 Teller Cash Recycler

Compuflex Corporation has certified that BranchWare fully supports LAUREL’s new Z1 Cash Recycler.

Springfield NJ, - July 23, 2019  – Compuflex Corporation is pleased to announce that BranchWare, our soft integration software for the financial industry, is certified for use with LAUREL’s Z1 Teller Cash Recycler.

BranchWare provides a quick and affordable way to connect a cash recycler to your existing teller application by automatically extracting pertinent information from the withdrawal screens and inserting it into deposit screens using a state-of-the-art screen management engine.

The Z1 is able to count up to seven notes per second, with an input pocket capacity of a maximum of 300 notes, and output pocket capacity of 200 notes. This Teller Cash Recycler is able to be interfaced via ethernet and has a number of options such as, input pocket shutter, output pocket shutter, customer display, collection cassette function, security safe sensor, and anchor bolts.

Compuflex’s COO, Mark Farrelly, shares his thoughts on this collaboration: “Compuflex is pleased to have been selected by LAUREL Banking Machines, Ltd. to provide the first middleware connectivity solution for this device. Our renowned BranchWare, with its soft integration capabilities and intuitive functionality, provides a seamless approach to manage the Z1. With its audit and overflow cassette features, the LAUREL Z1 unit should find ready acceptance in today’s marketplace.”

In addition to this announcement, a technical release document will be made available, which provides details on the latest enhancements offered in BranchWare. 

About Compuflex
The Compuflex Corporation is an independent, privately-owned, cash handling solutions provider, that has been successfully providing cash handling software since 1983. Its core business focus is on developing tools for financial, retail, and gaming markets both nationally and internationally. Compuflex continuously demonstrate its commitment to the cash handling industry through customized solution design, unparalleled customer support, in-house and on-site training programs, and solid warranties.

Since its founding in 1946, LAUREL, a manufacturer specializing in cash-handling machines, has consistently been the world's vanguard in developing the industry's latest technologies that have contributed greatly to the efficiency and progress in cash handling operations worldwide.

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