Compuflex is a software and systems development company that brings focus in solving complex cash flow management, automation delivery and currency tracking issues to the financial, retail, gaming and other global markets.

The company’s roots date to 1983, when Compuflex first developed an interface for the Sharp teller machine, increasing this popular machine’s value by allowing it to communicate with other devices, such as PCs and cash dispensing machines. Compuflex has grown steadily since then, and now provides interfaces that allow easy integration of all major cash dispensers with a financial institution’s existing teller software package.

In addition, Compuflex provides powerful automated employee scheduling packages and casino redemption systems.


Compuflex’s corporate goal is to provide innovative solutions to the complex problems of financial institutions. We strive for elegant simplicity in all our products while still taking into account the subtleties of our clients’ needs.


With experience with every major dispenser manufacturer. Compuflex is in an ideal position to take advantage of the trend toward banking automation. Also, our small size allows us the flexibility to adapt quickly to the market’s needs.


Compuflex’s products have captured the interest of all major cash automation dispenser/ recycler manufacturers including ArcaTech, Diebold, Glory, NCR and Talaris, all of whom are eager to include Compuflex’s products in their marketing and sales packages. By channeling our products through these strong sales organizations, Compuflex can remain focused on the design and development of unique financial and retail products for today’s quickly-changing marketplace.

In addition, the Compuflex’s Universal teller package integration solution simplifies the work involved in supporting different cash handling devices and greatly reduces development time by allowing the programmer to focus only on the essential transaction tasks and not the hardware-specific communication protocols.


Compuflex is strongly committed to customer service and support. We prove our commitment through prompt order entry, solid warranties, extended service contracts, fast repairs, and timely, responsive technical support. In-house and on-site training programs are available to resellers and service organizations.

  • Testimonials

    It gives me great pleasure to send this letter of appreciation for the superior service and cooperation demonstrated by the staff of Compuflex. In a time of great need with our Shared Branch project; Compuflex rose to the occasion with the development of WinACD to assist with the communication between our core processor cash dispensers and the software CUe-passport that these transactions are processed on. Without Compuflex stepping in to assist, this project would have been halted and delayed for an unknown amount of time. Compuflex worked diligently with EPL, Inc. (owners of the CUe-passport system) to devise a plan of action.

    All of this was made possible due largely to the team of professionals that work for Compuflex. From your leadership right down to the developers there was never a time Compuflex did not address a need, offer a conference call and assist with testing or installation. At every stage of the project it was obvious that Compuflex clearly has vision for the future and takes pride in the quality of its work as well as the delivery of exemplary service to its clients. You should be very proud of the extraordinary manner at which your team exemplifies superior workmanship.

    We are indeed thankful to Compuflex and its team of professionals for making our Shared Branch project a complete success. If you are ever in need of using Police FCU as a reference please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to speak to anyone on your behalf.

    Kristie Mangum
    Police Federal Credit Union - EVP, Operations
    Compuflex was always available and extermely helpful throughout every phase of this project. Our hardware provider made available the compuflex Middleware as a rental, realizing that the software would be used for a limited time period until the full integration was available. Compuflex made the transition from Middleware to the on-line integration a breeze.

    Dave Galyen
    Dollar Loan Center - National Director of Technology